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MSI brings Skylake to its line of high-end gaming laptops

msi brings skylake to its line of high end gaming laptops motherboard logo
The big thing people are talking about coming out of IFA this year is Skylake. Intel’s newest processors are making waves, and MSI is jumping into the fray, as it is adding Skylake processors to five of its popular gaming laptops, as reported by Tom’s Hardware.

The five models getting the refresh are the GT72 Dominator Pro G, the GS70 Stealth, the GS60 Ghost Series, the GE62 Apache Pro Series, and the GE72 Apache Pro Series. All but the GT72 Dominator Pro G will feature Intel Core i7 6700HQ CPUs, while that model will have an additional option to go with an i7-6820HK for even more power, with full overclocking functionality.

The GT72 Dominator Pro G is the top-end model, and as such it also comes with the most powerful graphics card. In this case it lets buyers choose between GTX 980M and a GTX 970M models. It’s also upgradable, so gamers who are afraid of getting a laptop that will leave them stuck with the same hardware forever may want to consider this model (though we expect it to be quite pricey, as high-end gaming laptops tend to be). The other models will feature either GTX 970M or GTX 960M graphic cards.

Further investigation of MSI’s top-of-the-line model reveals a display with NVIDIA G-Sync technology, which is designed to create smoother motion while gaming.

All of the models will come with PCI Express SSDs for high-speed data access. They also feature DDR4 RAM. Buyers will additionally find what MSI calls a “Super Port” on the GT72 Dominator Pro G, GS70 Stealth, and GS60 Ghost series notebooks. This is likely a USB Type-C port, which is able to handle multiple protocols.

MSI didn’t release all of the specs for the new devices just yet, but from what we know, all of them are clearly on the high-end side, and the new processors push them even further. The firm did mention some features that are unique to MSI models such as its SteelSeries RGB-backlit keyboards, Dynaudio sound, Killer networking, Killer Shield, a Nahimic Audio enhancer, and support for XSplit Gamecaster.

MSI hasn’t announced pricing information just yet, but it does plan to ship its laptops with Skylake processors starting September 27.

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