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Adobe warns users to update in wake of ‘critical vulnerability’

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Adobe Flash Player is a piece of software that’s used by countless people every single day — and that makes it a clear-cut target for hackers. Yesterday, the company released a statement outlining an update released to counteract what it describes as a ‘critical vulnerability’.

Windows, Mac and Linux users who have Flash Player or related software installed on their computer are all thought to be at risk, although Adobe states that systems running Internet Explorer on Windows 7 and below and Firefox on Windows XP are thought to be the most likely to be affected.

The breach takes advantage of a vulnerability that Adobe is classifying as CVE-2015-3113. The company states that it is being ‘actively exploited’ at present, although the attacks are ‘limited’ in scope and have so far proven to be targeted rather than widespread.

It’s thought that hackers can use the CVE-2015-3113 vulnerability to take control of a user’s system for their own interests. It’s not yet clear what this is being used to accomplish, but anything from hijacking your webcam and microphone to installing a keylogger in an attempt to track personal information is very possible.

Adobe is encouraging all Windows and Mac users to upgrade to Adobe Flash Player, which has been released as a direct response to the issue, according to a report from 9to5Mac. Linux users should update the version

Breaches like this can be very serious for users who are targeted, but typically following instructions from the developer and making sure you keep up with the latest software updates will ensure your system’s safety. For more information on how to make sure that you don’t fall victim to this vulnerability, check out Adobe’s Security Bulletin covering CVE-2015-3113.

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