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Newegg wants your old GPU — here’s how much you could get

Nvidia's RTX 4070 graphics cards over a pink background.
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Upgrading to a new graphics card can be a hassle, and it has been even more difficult ever since the GPU shortage. Today, there are way too many models to choose from, and keeping track of prices is not easy. In an effort to make things a bit simpler, Newegg has announced a new trade-in program. The online retailer is offering customers a deal in which they send in their existing eligible GPU and receive a trade-in credit amount toward the purchase of a new qualifying graphics card.

According to Amir Asadibagheri, product manager of customer experience for Newegg, “the benefit of our trade-in program is the ease to send a used graphics card and buy a new one all within the same platform and avoiding the hassle of selling through a secondary market.” Newegg has given a list of all Nvidia and AMD graphics cards that are eligible, along with an estimated trade-in value. Notably, the trade-in is limited to Nvidia’s RTX series and AMD’s Radeon 5000 series and beyond.

A list of all Nvidia and AMD GPUs eligible for the Newegg trade-in program along with the trade-in value.

From what we can see, the trade-in value is not as impressive as one might get from various resale marketplaces. For instance, the trade-in value for an RTX 3070 Ti is listed at $237. However, if you go and check the prices on eBay, it is possible to get anything from $250 to $400 depending on the model and condition of the card. On the flip side, Newegg mentions how its program offers a more seamless experience. One does not need to go through the process of listing their product on a reseller platform, paying a seller fee cut, or relying on a private party to complete the transaction. If you are interested in the trade-in program, here’s how the entire process works:

  1. Customers looking to upgrade to a new graphics card in exchange for their existing GPU can easily identify eligible products by spotting a banner on most graphics card product pages on A pop-up form allows them to verify if their graphics card qualifies for the trade-in program. This form collects essential details such as chipset, model, and brand.
  2. Based on the information provided by the customer, an initial shopping credit offer for a new graphics card will be displayed on the website. If the customer decides to accept the trade-in offer and proceeds to purchase a new graphics card from the website, they will receive a prepaid shipping label and detailed instructions via email. This facilitates the hassle-free shipping of their graphics card to Newegg at no expense, with a 14-day window for completion.
  3. After Newegg receives the shipped graphics card, a thorough inspection is conducted to confirm that it aligns with the details provided during the initial submission. Once the verification process is successfully completed, the customer will be credited with the agreed-upon amount, which will be applied to their new graphics card purchase. The credit will be refunded to the customer’s account using their original payment method. However, in cases where the provided information is inaccurate or Newegg declines the submission, no credit will be issued, and the graphics card will be returned to the customer.

It is advised to read all the terms and conditions before taking part in the promotional trade-in program. Any trade-in GPU that fails to meet Newegg’s inspection or is otherwise unacceptable for any of the reasons listed will be rejected.

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