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Nvidia replaces its Game Ready driver for The Division with something less terrorizing

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Earlier this week, we reported on version 364.47 of Nvidia’s ‘Game Ready’ GeForce driver that quickly added support for Vulkan as well as some freshly instated optimizations for new and upcoming games such as Tom Clancy’s The Division and Need for Speed. Unfortunately, it appears the graphics company may have released the driver prematurely, as a number of users are reporting various technical issues on its official feedback thread.

Gripes with the software include boot issues, Blue Screen of Death errors, wonky audio, and further grievances. While it originally looked like these problems were running rife only with those using multiple monitors in conjunction with Windows 10, individuals with single-monitor setups have also begun to take issue with Nvidia’s latest update.

Oddly enough, there have also been a number of circulating rumors of the driver causing physical damage to Nvidia-branded graphics cards, though the company informed Engadget that these reports simply weren’t true. The vast majority of its criticisms are due to blacked out and depraved and besmirched screens.

The driver pack was so bad, in fact, that Nvidia had to expel the driver from both its website and GeForce Experience, replacing it with a beta version 364.51, pending WHQL certification from Microsoft.

“After finding a critical installation issue, the team has replaced yesterday’s driver (364.47) with today’s new driver (364.51),” Nvidia explained, “This driver has been submitted to Microsoft for WHQL-approval and we will update the driver package online as soon as we have the certified package.” 

“We had received reports of some users having issues installing driver version 364.47, “the company added. “Initial investigation suggests the issue was related to doing an ‘Express’ installation. If you happen to have a pending installation of 364.47, we recommend that you do not install it and either use the new 364.51 beta version or wait for the WHQL certified version.”

In compliance with the version it removed, Nvidia’s 364.51 beta driver package bears performance optimizations for The Division as well as Vulkan API support. You can download it here, or presumably within the GeForce Experience client.

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