Nvidia releases GeForce GTX 770 for $400, boasts 65 percent upgrade from 2011’s GTX 570

GeForce GTX 770

Nvidia’s line of GeForce GTX graphics cards grows by one more today with the announcement and launch of the GeForce GTX 770. The $400 GPU offers a cost-effective alternative to the $650 GTX 780 that Nvidia released last week.

The 770 shares many of its features with the 780, including GPU Boost 2.0 (previously only available with the GTX Titan) and the vapor chamber cooler (also a Titan feature) that reduces temperatures while running quietly. Those who follow the typical upgrade trajectory of a new GPU every two years can expect a 65 percent performance upgrade over 2011’s GTX 570.

Nvidia touts the 770 for delivering more power than last year’s GTX 680 flagship, clocking in speeds 5 percent faster. The 7 Gbps memory speed is said to be the fastest ever in the GTX lineup and the base clock speed also gets a slight boost. Both the 770 and 780 still can’t compare to the GTX Titan, but not everyone has a spare $1,000 lying around to spend on a graphics card.