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Oculus Rift library fleshed out with 'Damaged Core' and other new titles

Oculus VR has added a number of new titles to its Oculus Home storefront. Some are designed with its Rift headset in mind, while others will cater to those with Gear VR head mounted displays (HMD). They cover the gamut from puzzlers to platformers, and on to card games.

The first and perhaps most prominent game that Oculus has added is Damaged Core. Made by the creators of Conduit, it’s a high-speed first person virtual reality shooter, built with the Oculus Rift in mind. It’s said to have a single player campaign that lasts up to 10 hours, where players will battle against a unified intelligence known as the Core, which wields robotic armies and more in the hope of wiping out mankind.

Obviously it’s your job to stop the Core, and you have a fancy ability you can use to do it. When you’re injured or near death, you can switch your robotic body into that of another, using your enemy’s forces against them every step of the way.

Damaged Core is a New Kind of Shooter for VR—Available Now on Rift

The next Rift game added this week was Solitaire VR, where you can play a number of classic time wasters, but in virtual reality. Solitaire VR offers Solitaire, of course, in a pretty environment, with a couple of gameplay variations. We also have Zen Splash VR, which has you dodging projectiles that fly toward you in various patterns and configurations.

As for Gear VR games, we have the new Hypercade by Defense Grid creator, Hidden Path. This game lets you play some VR interpretations of classic games like Space Invaders and Asteroid, though none of those copyright-protected names are mentioned of course.

Wrath of Loki is another Gear VR title that Oculus is excited about. It’s a game that claims to be all about you fighting Loki, but in reality is a hidden-item game in fixed locations. There’s also Mr Cat’s Adventure, which is a turn-based, puzzle-adventure game which has you figuring things out in a variety of interesting locations.

Wrath of Loki: VR Adventure

Damaged Core is the only (traditionally) full game that’s been released, and therefore has a $30 price tag. Everything else is either free or costs just a few dollars.

There are a few free experiences and concepts also being made available with this update. There’s To The HomeLand, which is a VR endless runner with a lot of jumping; SDV VR Experience, which sees you heading beneath the waves in a SEAL Deliver Vehicle; and an Early access aerial puzzler known as Balanced, which will test you coordination and puzzle-solving abilities while on the fly.

You can download any of these games and experiences straight from the Oculus store.

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