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Get a flexible all-in-one video and business phone service with Ooma Office

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If the strange times in which we’re living have proven anything, it’s that the way we do business will never be the same again. And with this new paradigm that is seeing large portions of the workforce working from home, it has become more important than ever to be connected via the communication devices we have at our disposal. Ooma Office provides the perfect solution for small business owners looking for an all-in-one video and business phone service — whether they are working from an office, co-working space, home, or some combination of home and office.

Ooma’s small business phone system lets you use an existing number or choose a new number in just about any area code so you can keep your work phone separate from your home phone. It comes with features like a virtual receptionist, extension dialing, voicemail, and unlimited calls in North America. Upgrade to Ooma Office Pro service and you will get integrated videoconferencing, call recording, enhanced call blocking, and more. Ooma Office will help keep you connected while providing the mobility needed for today’s changing work environment.

Things to consider when choosing a business phone system

Ooma Office phone system
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  • Are you working remotely?
    With so many people working remotely today and companies becoming more and more decentralized, you’ll want to take into consideration whether or not you currently have people working from home or plan to incorporate remote working in the future when picking out your business phone service. Ooma Office is geared towards remote workforces, with features to seamlessly keep everyone connected and present a professional interface to callers. Ooma allows each user to personalize how they receive calls; either at their desk, on their phone via the mobile app, or both. Users can also elect to have their calls forwarded to any number of their choosing. Other features like virtual receptionist and virtual extensions make it easy to set up a virtual office of remote workers, while Ooma also comes with many of the features you would expect if you are working out of an office.
  • Is videoconferencing included?
    As many people have discovered while working remotely, it is still important to have face time with coworkers and to be able to collaborate in real time. As such, videoconferencing has become an important tool in doing business. While there are many videoconferencing platforms available these days, a better choice is one that is integrated into your phone system—and that doesn’t cost extra! Ooma Office Pro comes with Ooma Meetings, a robust, user-friendly videoconferencing platform that can be accessed via the desktop app and via any web browser once a meeting is set up. It’s a great tool for collaboration, allowing up to 25 users to share their desktop screens, and is capable of supporting ad hoc instant meetings and scheduling meetings in advance. It also has chat and mute functions and the option to password-protect your meetings.
  • Is there a mobile or desktop app?
    While you may be shopping for a phone system, these days you should expect to be able to connect to other devices besides the phone on your desk. Ooma Office Pro comes with a desktop app that lets you make and take calls right your computer. It also has text messaging and allows you to set up groups for collaboration via text. The mobile app, which comes with both Ooma Office and Ooma Office Pro, has the same capabilities and lets you take your office phone with you wherever you go.
  • Is it expandable if I hire more employees?
    As a small business owner, one of your goals is to have your business grow. So hopefully in the future, you will have more employees that will need to use your phone system. Because Ooma Office isn’t bound by hardware, it is easily expandable as your business grows. And with pricing based on the number of users, you won’t pay for more than you need.

With all the changes in how we do business over the last year, your phone system is more important than ever. Ooma offers a feature-rich solution that is also very affordable. OomaOffice starts at $19.95 per user and includes more than 35 features, while Ooma Office Pro is just $5 more and also includes videoconferencing and the desktop app, as well as call recording and voicemail transcription. Best of all, Ooma’s system is very easy to set up yourself, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

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