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Mac users can now access the Windows 10 Technical Preview with Parallels 10 update

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Mac users eager to try out the Windows 10 Technical Preview don’t have to wait any longer; it was announced earlier today that they can begin testing out the new version of the OS with Parallels Desktop 10. A new update to the popular piece of virtual machine software grants “experimental support” for the preview, meaning that some of the much-hyped features of Microsoft’s latest Windows refresh can now be put through their paces on your Apple computer.

Parallels has long been a solution for Mac devotees looking for a way to use PC software on their Mac, offering a virtual Windows environment that runs within OS X. First released in 2006, the application managed to gain a significant foothold in the marketplace very quickly by utilizing the then-new Apple-Intel architecture for more effective emulation of Windows than the competing products that were already available could offer.

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Back when Parallels launched, Mac users were happy just to have access to Windows applications — but, since then, their expectations have been raised significantly. Now, it’s a matter of keeping pace with software being launched for PCs, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing here. The full version of Windows 10 isn’t set for release until later in the year, and the Technical Preview has only been available to PC users for a matter of months, but it’s already up and running on the Macs as of today.

Mac users now have a means of test-driving some of the much-hyped features that Microsoft have planned for the full release of Windows 10. That includes updates to OS features like the Start menu, access to the Cortana virtual assistant software and a preview of the new Office suite that will be available alongside Windows 10.

However, unlike users who are installing the Technical Preview on their primary Windows PC, Mac users with Parallels don’t have to give up their current OS. Since the software provides a virtual environment, they can simply dip in and out of the preview as they please, testing the new features with the fallback option of their familiar Mac OS should they need it. In short, they can have their cake and eat it too.

Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac is available now from its developer’s website. The Windows 10 Technical Preview can be downloaded directly from Microsoft, so long as you’ve signed up for the Windows Insider Program.

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