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PayPal reinstates account for Pfc. Bradley Manning fund, Courage to Resist

bradley_manningPayPal has resumed processing donations made to Courage to Resist, a non-profit fund set up to provide support for accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower US Army Pfc. Bradley Manning. The move comes after the group accused PayPay of imposing a temporary suspension on their account because of anti-WikiLeaks sentiments.

In a statement on the company blog, PayPal says the suspension of Courage to Resists account “had nothing to do with WikiLeaks.” Instead, it was because the organization “had not complied to our stated policy requiring non profits to associate a bank account with their PayPal account,” which is “not an issue” for “the vast majority of non-profits.”

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The PayPal statement follows a press release by Courage to Resist, which says that “evil” PayPal “opted to apply an exceptional hurdle for us to clear in order to continue as a customer, whereas we have clearly provided the legally required information and verification.”

PayPal denies this, saying that after a review of Courage to Resist’s account, they “have decided to lift the temporary restriction placed on their account because we have sufficient information to meet our statutory ‘Know Your Customer’ obligations.”

Last December, PayPal met the wrath of pro-WikiLeaks hacktivist group Anonymous after PayPal stopped processing donations made to the anti-secrecy organization, which had just released a massive cache of US embassy cables to the public. The Anonymous DDoS attack successfully disrupted PayPal’s website. So it’s not surprising that the company is doing whatever it can to avoid another confrontation.

US Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is accused of passing on classified documents, including the US embassy cables, to WikiLeaks. He is currently being held in solitary confinement in Quantico, Viginia, where he has been since June 2010. His legal costs are an estimated $100,000, which Courage to Resist is hoping to raise.

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The United States Army has filed 22 additional charges against suspected WikiLeaks whistle-blower Pfc. Bradley Manning, one of which could land him the death penalty, reports CBS News.

The new set of charges, say Army officials, come after a seven month military investigation, which has concluded that Manning, 23, illegally downloaded classified documents from government computers, and passed it off to "the enemy" — i.e. WikiLeaks. In doing so, Army investigators believe Manning "aided the enemy," an offense that could result in court-ordered execution.

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4chan-based group ‘Anonymous’ targets PayPal to support WikiLeaks

Julian Assange is a man who has made enemies. The editor-in-chief and creator of WikiLeaks is fighting battles on all fronts: legally, financially, personally and professionally, and even now sits in a jail cell in England following his arrest earlier today, after Sweden issued an arrest warrant stemming from four charges of sexual offences, including one of rape. But Assange is not without his allies, either. One of the more potentially powerful groups to throw in its support is the website 4chan, and its some of its members that are collectively known as Anonymous.  The group that is either famous or infamous depending on your point of view, have begun a new campaign to support WikiLeaks and its creator that they are calling “Operation Avenge Assange”.

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