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PS4 YouTube app adds PlayStation VR support for 360-degree videos

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Google is rolling out PlayStation VR support for its PlayStation 4 YouTube app, allowing users to experience 360-degree video via Sony’s recently launched virtual reality headset.

While a patch introducing PlayStation VR support for YouTube is not yet available for all PSN members, UploadVR reports that a select few Reddit and Twitter users have been able to access the updated app this week ahead of a likely worldwide launch in 2017.

YouTube has emerged as a hub for VR video content over the past year, with an official channel regularly featuring 360-degree clips viewable using mobile devices, Daydream View, or Google Cardboard setups. Multiple publishers and studios have launched their 360-degree video content via YouTube in recent months, including Clash of Clans creator SuperCell and the documentary-focused Discovery Channel.

According to several user reports, version 1.09 of the PlayStation 4 YouTube app adds the ability to view 360-degree videos using a PlayStation VR headset. While the patch is currently inaccessible for most users, PlayStation Network members can check for a pending update by highlighting the app’s icon on the PlayStation 4’s home screen, pressing the “options” button on the DualShock 4 controller, and selecting “Check For Updates” from the pop-up menu.

Users who have successfully downloaded and installed version 1.09 of the PlayStation 4 YouTube app are prompted to choose between “Normal” and “PlayStation VR” modes at launch. PlayStation VR mode boasts all current YouTube app functionality along with the native ability to view 360-degree video content, complete with accurate head-tracking shifts in perspective.

Previously, PlayStation VR owners needed to save 360-degree video content to a USB memory stick or access it via a shared network in order to view it using the PlayStation VR headset. The forthcoming YouTube update will make 360-degree video content accessible to a much broader user base, potentially leading to a significant boost in its popularity.

Neither Sony nor Google has announced a worldwide launch date for the updated PlayStation 4 YouTube app.

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