Samsung and Hynix Investing Large in DDR3 Products

ddr3Samsung Electronics and Hynix Semiconductor Inc. are taking big steps to develop and improve their Double Data Rate 3 (DDR3) technology, one of their many DRAM products. By next year, these two companies are planning to invest a combined amount of W5 billion into these products. As of this year, these two companies combined for W3 billion in investments, making next year’s planned amount a 66 percent increase.

Both of these companies see the potential of DDR3 products and the demand it will attract in the future. With their new investment, they want to supply their customer’s demands and develop new and improved DDR3 products.

A Samsung official stated, “As of right now, we are not entirely positive on the exact amount we will invest, but the plan is to invest W3 billion. We will closely monitor this situation and make a decision next month.”

Hynix is also planning to increase their investments in their DDR3 products from W1 billion to W2 billion by next year. A Hynix official said, “We set a goal to invest W2 billion next year, but we will not be certain until October.”

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