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This Samsung smart monitor is normally $600 — today it’s $430

Using a streaming service on the Samsung M70C Smart Monitor.

If you ever use your computer monitor to watch YouTube videos, then you actually use it somewhat like a TV. And while the differences between TVs and monitors are somewhat slim — they’re both screens, after all — the subtle differences can make a huge world of difference. However, with monitors like the Samsung M70C Smart Monitor, that line between monitor and TV is becoming even more difficult to discern, with features and color output that mimic both in surprisingly good ways. And, if you take advantage of this deal, it is yours for just $430, which is $170 down from its usual $600. Tap the button below to check it out for yourself or keep reading for more info.

Why you should buy the Samsung M70C Smart Monitor

The 32-inch Samsung M70C Smart Monitor is a 4K monitor that comes with TizenOS, Samsung’s TV operating system, built into it. Yet, at the same time it is able to grab documents and files from your PCs wirelessly and also work as a sort of modern gaming console via the Samsung Gaming Hub, with or without a PC around. Further displaying its adaptability, the Samsung M70C Smart Monitor can pivot 90 degrees, sort of like you do with your phone when you need to start doomscrolling the day away. In other words, the M70C is ready to adapt to the ways that we as humans used monitors and screens in the current year.

Controlling everything on your Samsung M70C Smart Monitor is also quite easy. It has a USB-C chargeable remote, which comes in handy to make browsing TV apps feel super natural. The highly-accessible rear ports include HDMI as well as USB-A and USB-C. Users of phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be able to share directly to the M70C with AirPlay, and the monitor has a built-in SmartThings IoT hub.

To grab your Samsung M70C Smart Monitor for just $430, which is $170 down from the usual $600, just tap the button below. In case you’re looking for something more traditional, check out our collections of the best monitor deals and best TV deals, depending on your needs.

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