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Samsung updates Odyssey G9 gaming monitor with Quantum mini-LED tech

After launching its ultra-premium Odyssey G9 monitor with a massive 49-inch curved screen and “dual QHD” resolution in 2020, Samsung is ready to give the panel a major upgrade this year. While retaining the futuristic Tron-like design aesthetics featuring a white back panel and glowing blue ring on the rear, the 2021 version of the Odyssey G9 adds in Quantum mini-LED backlighting.

Borrowed from its television range, the mini-LED technology gives this year’s Odyssey G9 better contrast and brightness, two important elements to gamers. Samsung claims that it’s bringing both Quantum mini-LED enhancements and Quantum Matrix Technology to the Odyssey for the first time. Combined with an immersive 1000R curvature, the Odyssey G9 should be an eye-catching screen for immersive gameplay, ensuring you can surround yourself and not miss any important action.

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Last year’s Odyssey G9 supported both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync screen technology, and we expect this year’s upgraded model to maintain compatibility with both standards.

In addition to the upgraded Odyssey G9, Samsung also unveiled a new digital whiteboard solution called the Samsung Interactive Display FLIP 75. The Flip 75 comes with a 75-inch digital canvas  you can write, draw, and edit on, and Samsung says it will also be available in 55-, 65-, and 85-inch sizes. Though whiteboards are traditionally most often found in offices and classrooms, Samsung is also positioning the Flip for home use for better collaboration.

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“The Flip offers connective features for hybrid working and learning to help consumers succeed, whether in the classroom, the office, or at home,” Samsung said in a statement. “With optimized 4K picture quality and easy-to-read visuals, a team of up to 20 can work simultaneously to sync personal devices for real-time content sharing. The Flip allows users to see a co-worker’s or teacher’s presentation as if they were there in person, offering the ability to work together while staying safe.”

The Flip 75 comes with a 4K UHD resolution display for improved visual clarity, Samsung said, and a smooth pen-to-paper writing mode.

Samsung did not provide any pricing guidance or availability information for either product. For reference, Samsung’s Flip 2 65 retails for $2,599 while last year’s Odyssey G9 is currently discounted to around $1,500.

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