Your say Friday: Was there a new PC under your tree?

recycle your christmas tree

PC hardware sales ran fast and furious this season. Black Friday melted into Cyber Monday which bled into a long tail of deals that didn’t stop until the last few days before Christmas. Some systems were slashed by hundreds of dollars to prices we’ve never seen before.

That’s great if you were looking for a new PC this season, but it doesn’t mean good things for the industry overall. The best deals featured prices so low we can’t help but wonder if anyone made money from them. What does HP make off a $180 HP Stream, for example? Is it more or less than Coca-Cola makes off a Big Gulp?

The hope, obviously, is that such sales will renew interest the PC platform, which is perhaps why Microsoft’s own store ran deep discounts on a huge selection of notebooks and desktops. Windows 10 is still a ways off. So did you benefit from the fire sale and find a new computer under your tree?

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Last week’s results

The subject of last week’s poll was the effect of corporate hacking. We wanted to know who had been hurt by it, and how.

Apparently, the response from most readers was simply “who cares?” This was by far the least popular poll we’ve posted. Still, a surprising 42% of respondents said they had been the victim of a corporate hack. Only two of them said it led to fraud, however, and no one reported the use of information stolen in a hack for any other criminal activity. It seems clear that the issue, while worth attention, isn’t emptying the wallet of the average victim.