Scientific proof why waiting in line is so frustrating


Remember the beginning of Office Space? There’s nothing worse than being stuck in gridlock. Waiting in line sucks, whether its on the highway or at the store. Have you ever wondered why you seem to get stuck in lines while everyone around you flows through nice and smoothly? Well, the Engineer Guy, Bill Hammack, has the answer, reports Gizmodo. It turns out that half of the problem is your own biased perception that the world is picking on you. The other half the problem: poorly designed stores and freeways.

It turns out that if there are three cashier lines at a store, there is only a one out of three chance that yours will move the fastest, but a two out of three chance that at least one other line will move faster than yours. Engineer Guy’s advice: “Sure, today the other line moves faster, but some days you’ll be in the faster lane. In other words, during this season relax and let the odds be with you.”

Comforting, but like Neverland and Captain Hook, what would waiting in line be like without a bunch of agitated people?