Shuttle Barebone XS35 Nettop Crams in Performance and Features

Germany’s Shuttle Computer has taken the wraps off a new slimline nettop PC that packs a ton of features into a very slim case, potentially making it a strong contender for small business and home media center use. The Shuttle Barebone XS35 packs an Intel dual core Atom G510 processor along with Nvidia’s high-performance Ion graphics platform to support streaming 3D and video playback—and users can hook it up to a big screen via HDMI or to a standard monitor via VGA.

shuttle barebone xs35 nettop crams in performance and features

The Barebone XS35 is passively cooled, so users won’t have to put up with noise from a fan if they install it in a living room or other quiet area. The system also features a VESA mount so it can be tucked behind flat-panel displays and not take up any table or shelf space. The Barebone XS35 is surprisingly tiny, taking up a volume of about 1 liter and measuring just 3.3cm wide. However, it packs a 2.5 inch hard disk, a slimline optical drive for DVDs and CDs, a whopping five USB 2.0 ports, along with audio output and Ethernet.

Shuttle says the Barebone XS345 should land in stores during the second quarter of 2010, although the company has not offered a precise date or specified a suggested retail price.