Shuttle ST61G4 SFF PC Review

Quote from the review at HardOCP:

“From outward appearances, I was impressed with the ST61G4. Shuttle has obviously been listening to its users, as evident by the design and placement of various components. Between the PSU exhausting its air from the back of the case, to the place of the CMOS jumper, not to mention the copper base improvements to the I.C.E system, this is definitely a well designed box.

One thing really sticks out though – where’s the enthusiast love?? The overclocking potential of the Intel socket 478 CPUs is almost legendary, yet with this system, you cannot even begin to scratch the surface. A 15 MHz allowable overclock is a joke, and the voltages allowed are definitely not much better. With all the hype surrounding ATI’s chipset, I was definitely expecting more in this area.”

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