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Skype connection issues identified, fix is being worked on

skype-large-logoIt appears that some folks are having troubles with their Skype accounts this morning. My own account is working and the website is loading just fine, but the issue is apparently widespread enough for the company to have taken to Twitter earlier not too long ago, reassuring users that the problem is being looked into.

“Some of you may have problems signing in to Skype and making calls. We’re investigating and hope to have more details to share soon,” a 7:52 a.m. EST tweet read. That was followed almost an hour later by another update: “Thanks for your patience – we’ve identified the problem and will be rolling out a fix soon.”

A subsequent tweet points to a Skype help page which lays out instructions for fixing the problem. It gets a little bit technical, but following the instructions step-by-step should resolve things. Every operating system seems to be affected, as there are separate instructions for fixing the issue on Windows Vista/7, Windows XP, Mac and Linux platforms. If deleting unfamiliar files from the dark recesses of your computer’s hard drive is too scary a proposition, you can take comfort in the fact than an easier solution is being worked on, according to Skype.

This seems more and more to be a minor blip on the technical foul-up radar, but if you’re having any issues — technical issues, that is — with Skype this morning, now you know why and how to fix it.

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