Sony Notebooks to Use InstantON Technology

From the press release:

The type A series from the new Sony VAIO notebooks offers consumers a full digital media center with features that are unique to its product line. The first of their class, the Sony VAIO AS53B/AS53S notebooks have integrated a complete entertainment package with InterVideo InstantON. Branded as “Instant Mode,” these compact notebooks pack an array of consumer electronic features. By integrating InstantON with the notebooks, consumers can benefit from instant access of TV, DVD, CD-Audio playback all from one product. In addition, the notebooks include a remote control that allows users to select their media entertainment programs from the comfort of their couch.

“The new Sony VAIO notebooks set a new benchmark for consumer notebooks that optimizes the comprehensive home entertainment experience,” said Steve Ro, CEO and Founder of InterVideo. “With advanced components and InterVideo InstantON technology, these notebooks provide consumers with a perfect blend of productivity and entertainment. InterVideo is delighted that Sony has chosen InterVideo InstantON to power their new VAIO AS53B/AS53S notebooks.”

By utilizing InterVideo InstantON as a dual-boot configuration, users can enjoy both CE entertainment features and PC-based computing tasks all in one machine. New to its product line, the Sony VAIO notebooks are equipped with built in TV Tuner cards that allow users to directly record their favorite TV programs to a DVD disc while in “Instant Mode.” The Sony VAIO AS53B/AS53S offers users with instant access to an extensive digital entertainment package from viewing and recording TV programs, watching DVD movies or even listening to audio CDs with superior playback clarity. Playback is enhanced with advanced navigation technology that allows users to skip DVD chapters, fast forward/backward, pause.

Designed for both functionality and features that are found in PC desktops, the VAIO AS53B/S notebooks are loaded with advanced components to make it a robust mobile machine on the go. The AS53B/S VAIO notebooks are equipped with a 15.4 inch WSXGA screen that displays 1280×800 resolution, 512MB of memory storage, 100GB HDD, wirelessly internet connection through IEEE 802.11b/g, FeliCa wireless interface and each notebook weighs 3.4kg. Also, the notebooks include instant AV mode that allows audio CD, DVD, TV and direct recording TV programs onto DVD-RW or DVD-RAM drives. In addition, the notebooks support three dimensional Y/C separated circuit which provides clear image and enhanced TV quality for a superior viewing experience.


Sony VAIO VGN-AS53B and VGN-AS53S notebooks with InstantON technology are now available in the Japan market. For more information, please visit

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