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Sneak peek: Sony showing off its PlayStation VR headset at New York City showroom

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Sony will officially begin selling the PlayStation VR headset on October 13, and to get potential PlayStation 4 owners pumped up over the upcoming immersive device, the company has thrown open the doors to a special exhibit in New York City. The company is playing host to five PlayStation VR kiosks in the Sony Square NYC showroom at 25 Madison Avenue until October 21, offering a taste of what’s to come for PlayStation 4 gamers.

Long, long, long waiting lines can be expected, but visitors can reserve a hands-on demo by downloading and installing the Sony Square app on their smartphone or tablet. With this app, customers can choose a specific experience and their preferred time slot. Registration began Sunday for this week, although Sony didn’t announce the exhibit until Monday. Thus, registrations for next week will be on Sunday, September 18.

According to Sony, participants must be 12 years of age or older to check out PlayStation VR at Sony’s New York showroom. And if customers haven’t checked in at the time of their appointment, their place will be offered to someone else. Sony has the right to refuse entry to the exhibit, and the right to postpone or cancel a hands-on demo at any time.

“The PlayStation VR experience at Sony Square NYC serves as a great example of our commitment to offer visitors the opportunity to interact with the curated selection of Sony’s groundbreaking entertainment and technologies,” said Steven Fuld, senior vice president of corporate marketing for Sony Corporation of America.

One experience PlayStation 4 owners can check out is Farpoint, a space adventure where the player fights to survive after crash landing on a hostile, alien world. The player must keep moving in order to discover the fate of the crew, and to uncover the planet’s dark secrets. Meanwhile, VR Worlds provides five different VR experiences in one packages, including fighting off alien hordes in 360-degree combat, exploring an underwater world, facing an interrogation by a sinister mobster, and more. PlayStation VR requires the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim, or the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro console

Sony Square NYC opened on August 4. It’s located within the company’s New York City headquarters, providing a showroom to display Sony’s latest in entertainment and technology. The company also plans to use this space for classes led by famous photographers, performances by popular Sony Music artists, and similar events.

When launched, Sony Square NYC provided a dedicated area for its PlayStation 4 console. This space allowed visitors to sample PlayStation 4 games, the company’s PlayStation Vue streaming TV service, and the PlayStation VR headset.

Customers can’t currently pre-order a PlayStation VR headset because they sold out immediately after pre-orders went live. Customers will have to pray that they can scoop one up on launch day, and that there will be plenty of units to go around. The headset will cost $400, the same price tag Sony is slapping on its upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro console, which will be released November 10.

Sony’s exhibit is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET from Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET on Sunday.

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