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This spoof Oculus Rift ad presents the worst-case scenario for VR fans

A spoof ad from a YouTube comedy group presents an amusing worst-case scenario for VR fans who can’t help getting just a little too immersed in their virtual adventures.

Created by a group called AudVid Bros and spotted by TNW, the skit starts with a middle-aged fella hastily leaving his office so he can get home to his beloved Oculus Rift headset.

Standing in the middle of his living room with the viewer strapped to his head and earphones in, we see the guy moving around as he responds to the array of content inside his computer-generated world.

The story takes a turn when two balaclava-wearing burglars on the hunt for some free stuff show up inside the man’s house. They’re just a few feet away from the VR guy, but he’s so immersed in his other world that he fails to notice the intruders.

As he continues happily playing his game, the thieves quietly make off with his television.

You can probably guess where the skit ends up, but it’s still a giggle – and the tagline works, too. Check it out above.

While wireless audio gadgets look set to be among the biggest-selling tech items this holiday season, virtual reality headsets also look certain to get a lot of attention, with a slew of options hitting the market in the last 12 months.

HTC, Google, Oculus, Samsung, and Sony are some of the major players hoping to score success in the sector in the coming weeks. HTC’s Vive headset – DT’s pick of the bunch – is selling with a $100 discount on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, giving it a temporary price tag of $700.

Interested in diving into VR for the first time this Christmas? Check out DT’s guide to some of the best headsets on the market today, and be sure to drop by our dedicated section devoted entirely to the awesome world of virtual reality.

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