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Watch Apple’s new ‘Get Ready’ ad for its Vision Pro headset

Apple’s Vision Pro headset — the company’s most significant product launch since the Apple Watch in 2015 — is almost here.

The eagerly awaited mixed-reality goggles will be available to preorder in the U.S. starting January 19 ahead of an official launch on February 2, the tech giant revealed on Monday. Other countries are expected to follow soon after.

Now that the announcement has been made, expect to see a new wave of Vision Pro ads appearing across various media as the company seeks to raise the profile of the device — and increase the hype — ahead of next month’s launch.

In fact, Apple’s first ad has just dropped, and you can watch it below:

Get Ready | Apple Vision Pro

The 39-second ad, shared on the tech giant’s YouTube channel, features famous movie and cartoon characters putting on various head-based devices and accessories, and ends with a clip of a woman putting on the Vision Pro.

The ad ends with the tagline, “Get Ready.”

But just how many people will be “getting ready” to fork out $3,499 for the pricey device remains to be seen. That kind of money could alternatively get you a high-end PC or a decent vacation, among many other things. But Apple is hoping that it’ll be able to persuade enough people that the mixed-reality headset is a game changer in the form of a “revolutionary spatial computer that transforms how people work, collaborate, connect, relive memories, and enjoy entertainment,” as it said today.

Some interested folks whose budget can’t stretch that far, but who would like to stay within the Apple ecosystem, will no doubt be hoping for a more wallet-friendly version of the Vision Pro. Apple is rumored to be working on such a device, though there’s no official word on when it might be released.

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