Sprint Makes Big WiMax Promises for 2010

Although 4G wireless networking is still more myth than reality for the vast majority of American mobile users, the race to dominate the 4G world is already well underway. While Verizon and AT&T are working hard to bring their first LTE-based networks online, struggling number-three mobile operator Sprint wants everyone to know it already has WiMax 4G service up and running in 27 markets (although some of those aren’t exactly major population hubs), and the company has big plans to light up new areas during 2010…including the technology- and mobile customer-dense markets of New York and San Francisco.

“If you use a computer, a smart phone, a gaming device, a DVD player, or any Wi-Fi enabled device, your online life will change for the better when you experience the Sprint 4G difference,” said Sprint’s 4G president Matt Carter, in a statement. “While other national wireless carriers are just talking about 4G, the Sprint Now Network already offers the reality of 4G now.”

In addition to New York and San Francisco, the specific new markets where Sprint says it will introduce WiMax in 2010 are Boston, Denver, Kansas City, Houston, Minneapolis, and Washington D.C., and the company plans to announce additional WiMax markets at a later date. The San Francisco and New York City markets could be particularly important in terms of WiMax adoption, given that the areas have high densities of technologically-savvy mobile users.