Star Wars Battlefront gets a lot right, but here’s what’s still missing

Easily one of the most anticipated games of the year, Star Wars Battlefront has brought The Force to gaming, but it’s also left many gamers conflicted. Though the details of every map, blaster and Stormtrooper help to create an authentic Star Wars experience while playing, post-battle is where some of its flaws are brought to the light. Just weeks into it’s debut it’s already clear that some substantial things are missing from the game that might have a big impact on how long people will continue to play once the dust settles and the new game sheen wears off.

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In this video avid gamer Joshua Smith shares the three things that he thinks are missing in Dice’s latest Battlefront reboot. With the absence of a campaign at the forefront, the controversial DLC plans and more, this quick video is exactly what you will want to check out before deciding if Battlefront is the game for you. Are these three pieces deal-breakers for you?

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