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You’ll be able to stream NFL Sunday Ticket to your Mac or PC without getting DirecTV

Forget all of the signings, trades, and draft picks. This might be the biggest NFL news you’ll hear all year.

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Starting this season, it looks like DirecTV will allow you to sign up for and stream NFL Sunday Ticket to your Mac or PC without having to also buy a DirecTV television package. That’s right, no satellite dish required! For those of you who don’t know, NFL Sunday Ticket is a service that lets you watch out of market NFL games. So, for example, if you’re a San Diego Chargers fan living in New York City, you’re likely well aware of the service already.

As part of this new offer, you’ll be able to choose from one of three new packages at three different price levels. One allows you to stream NFL Sunday Ticket to your computer, phone or tablet. The next step up allows you to stream directly to your video game console. The highest tier permits you to stream to all of those devices. The first tier costs $199.99, the next step up will run you $239.99, and the most expensive package will charge you $329.99.

The differences between the packages don’t end there though. The $200 package won’t let you stream to your console, but also omits the Redzone Channel, and Fantasy Zone, which “gives live looks at fantasy plays.” The $240 level also doesn’t include the Red Zone Channel or the Fantasy Zone, but lets you do everything else while restricting your streams to game consoles. The $330 deal wipes away all those restrictions, and simply checks “all of the above” on everything.

It’s worth noting that you’ll likely be able to circumvent the streaming restrictions associated with the first two plans with the simple use of cables. For example, unless NFL Sunday Ticket will employ some kind of blocking wizardry, you can get the $200 package, plug your laptop into your TV via HDMI, and watch the games on your TV that way.

Keep in mind that blackout restrictions apply, and your eligibility for the service may vary. According to Forbes, the service won’t be available to addresses that DirecTV feels can “easily” get their full TV + NFL Sunday Ticket packages. However, it’s unclear what DirecTV means by “easily.” For what it’s worth, the service seems to be widely available to those living in apartments. Those who live in apartment buildings might be categorized by DirecTV as people who can’t get DirecTV so easily, considering that attaching a satellite to an apartment building isn’t the simplest of endeavors, as Forbes notes.

So, if you live in an apartment building and you hate having to get DirecTV just to tap into NFL Sunday Ticket, you should probably be jumping for joy right now. If you live in a house, you still might be stuck with having to carry DirecTV on your back just to get access to NFL Sunday Ticket.

You can check out the three plans, and see if you’re eligible for the streaming service here.

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