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Oculus Rift exclusivity of 'Superhot VR' is coming to an end

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The team behind the bullet-riddled and time-bending first-person virtual reality shooter Superhot VR has announced that the game is coming to the other major PC VR headset, the HTC Vive. Currently, the only way to play Superhot VR officially is on the Oculus Rift, but that’s all set to change, “#soon.”

Superhot was originally created as part of a seven-day FPS game jam in 2013 and has since evolved into a fully functioning game with Oculus Rift support, thanks to Kickstarter backing. While the minimalist game has been popular and well received, HTC Vive fans have been clamoring for it to make the jump to their platform of choice and now it’s finally happening.



Teased by the developer on Twitter, with a simple GIF showing the Vive logo and a hashtag telling us it would happen “#soon,” we don’t know anything else about when the game may eventually transition over. However, considering the developers of the Revive injection drivers have managed to make it work well enough previously, it is unlikely to be the lengthiest of development periods.

Originally released on Windows PC and Xbox One as a traditional mouse-and-keyboard, 2D shooter in early 2016, Superhot’s Oculus Rift VR version debuted in December that same year.

The fact that developer Superhot Team didn’t release the game simultaneously on both the Rift and Vive did cause some consternation in the VR community. It was part of a number of indie developers that appeared to be courted by Oculus into becoming a platform exclusive.

Although Superhot Team is now bringing the game to the Vive, the ill will within the community is still present in some circles. It will be interesting to see whether that will continue when the game does eventually release on the HTC platform at some point in the near future.

In the meantime, you can play Superhot VR on an Oculus Rift and it’s currently being given away free with select Nvidia bundles, alongside The Unspoken and Wilson’s Heart.

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