Thermaltake water-cooling radiators wipe the sweat off your computer’s brow

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Although you may occasionally worry about whether your cooling system has sprung a leak, one of the best ways to build yourself a quiet, but high-performing gaming system is to use a water loop. If you decide to go down that road though, picking which components to use can lead you into a minefield of indecision, which may result in you just opting for a pre-built kit for convenience.

Thermaltake is hoping that’s not a road you go down, as it’s announced two new ranges of WC radiators, designed with performance enthusiasts in mind.

The first, the thinner range of R Series radiators – less that 50mm wide – is available in 120mm, 180mm, 240mm, 360mm, and 540mm sizes, the last of which should give plenty of surface area for heat dispersion. All of them use a single 13-set, flat-tube design.

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The thicker Pacific RL range features a dual-row, 13-set, flat-tube system and comes in similar sizes, adding nuanced variants like the 420mm and 480mm radiators to the range. It also comes in a giant 560mm option, for those extra large cases.

Both new ranges from Thermaltake feature G1/4″ threads and rigid connections which should make the system leak-resistant. The chief characteristic distinguishing these products from those of the firm’s competitors is that they were brazed at a temperature of 1022 degrees Fahrenheit, rather than soldered. According to the manufacturer, this should result in an even heat transfer from water to radiator, though of course how valid that is outside of TT’s own labs remains to be seen.

Unfortunately there’s no announced pricing or availability information for these radiators, but judging by TT’s previous watercooling loops, expect the triple radiators to be at least $100, with the larger ones a reasonable chunk more.