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These ‘juicy’ PCs are some of the cutest gaming desktops ever

Gaming PCs all tend to have a familiar aesthetic. RGB or no RGB, you can look at a case and immediately peg it as a gaming computer. Every now and then, however, some desktops shake things up, and Ironside Computers is doing just that in a big way with The Juicebox.

Now available on Newegg, these three desktops have a really fun design and, on the inside, they’re packed with top-notch components, including some of Nvidia’s best graphics cards.

Three Ironside Juicebox desktop PCs sitting next to each other.

The Ironside Juicebox is a collection of gaming PCs, each sporting a unique design that ties into Japanese culture and its love for “kawaii” things. “Kawaii” simply means “cute,” and in this case, it’s not just things that are already cute — it’s turning something seemingly ordinary into the cutest possible version of it. Case in point: Ironside’s Juicebox transforming your PC into a juicy and colorful box of high-end components.

If you’re shopping on Newegg, the Juicebox collection includes three limitededition “flavors,” each with a different set of specifications. More versions are available directly from Ironside. These are powerful prebuilt PCs, so you can’t- simply buy the case and use it for your existing desktop.

Each case has UV-printed front and side panels for the ultimate levels of fruity aesthetic. Inside, you’ll find an Intel Raptor Lake processor, liquid cooling, SSDs for storage, and an Nvidia graphics card. The systems use high-end Z690 and Z790 motherboards instead of going with budget options.

Juicebox ITX Orange is the cheapest of the three PCs available on Newegg. It comes with the Core i5-13600KF, 16GB of DDR4-3200 RAM, and an RTX 3060 GPU. This model costs $1,800 on Newegg, and it should still handle AAA gaming just fine, but the next two options offer a huge upgrade in specs.

Moving on to Juicebox Peach, we’re getting a larger ATX PC sporting many shades of pink. Inside the peachy case, you’ll find a Core i7-13700KF, 32GB of DDR5-5200 RAM, and Nvidia’s RTX 4070 Ti. You can grab it for $3,000 on Newegg. This PC should be able to breeze through just about any game on max settings.

The Juicebox: A Kawaii Themed PC for Masterworks

Juicebox Blueberry marks the top of the line, featuring one of the best processors out right now, meaning the Core i9-13900KF. It’s also equipped with Nvidia’s insane (and expensive) RTX 4090, a whopping 64GB of DDR5-5200 RAM, and a 2TB SSD. Unsurprisingly, going with Blueberry means outstanding performance fit to handle the most demanding games, but also a high price. The PC costs $4,500 on Newegg.

It’s always fun to see a unique take on gaming PCs, and while prebuilts may not be everyone’s cup of tea, these three desktops house some solid components inside the juicy cases. Let’s hope that we’ll get to see more fun desktop designs in the future.

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