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This strange controller changes the way you play PC games

Anyone who is into gaming on a PC is familiar with the age-old debate of playing games with a keyboard and mouse versus playing with a standard controller. Some think one way is more accurate than the other, but one designer has taken upon to himself to combine the best of both worlds by creating a controller that could change the way you play your PC games.

The controller, known as Alt Motion, is the work of ex-Razer designer Edward Larkin. Over on the controller’s product page, Larkin mentions how this controller can eliminate typing on keyboards to play first-person shooter games.

Unlike a keyboard, with Alt Motion, you can use one finger to execute commands with any of the joysticks. Or, you can use all three at once for multiple commands. Using the included open-source software, each command in a game can be mapped to a certain movement of the Alt Motion joysticks.

The Alt Motion controller.

That’s why the controller features a left auxiliary joystick, a right auxiliary joystick, and the primary analog joystick up top. There are a total of 100 different commands and macros that can be configured, and according to the product page, this is what eliminates the need to move your fingers across a keyboard — which can be time-consuming, less fun, and require constant repositioning of hands and fingers.

The controller even has an analog steering wheel for a more realistic feel when playing racing games. What’s even better is that the controller is designed to be inclusive and ambidextrous, so that it works well for both left-handed and right-handed people. An ergonomic wrist rest also means that your hand won’t slip as you use the controller.

Using such a new controller might seem daunting, but Larkin tells Game Rant that the learning curve for Alt Motion is 15 to 24 hours since players won’t need to learn how to reposition their fingers.

For now, Alt Motion isn’t something you can’t buy just yet and a release date isn’t clear. Pre-orders were previously open and will begin shipping in March. The controller will be priced at $250, and potential buyers are urged to sign up for the Alt Motion mailing list for more information.

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