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Tilt Brush for the HTC Vive now lets you paint on your own face in virtual reality

Tilt Brush: Multiplayer
Tilt Brush was one of the breakout stars of the HTC Vive lineup earlier this year, and after its acquisition by Google, the team behind the VR painting app has continued to innovate. Tilt Brush on Friday announced plans to introduce multiplayer functionality to the popular app, and teased a handful of new features we could see in the near future.

Not only will you be able to join friends in Tilt Brush, you can draw on your face. You’ll appear as a floating Vive headset to your friends until you give yourself, or each other, a little personality. Want a glowing mustache? Maybe some sparkles? Tilt Brush has you covered.

“Everything gets better with friends. We’ve been experimenting with a multiplayer feature that lets you share ideas, draw and create with others — in the same place in real time. It’s amazing how collaborating in the same space makes the virtual feel real,” said Tilt Brush creative director Drew Skillman in a blog post.

Skillman also teased a few other features in the blog post, including a poseable wooden manikin with articulated joints and a rotating wheel that will allow you to animate your Tilt Brush creations like a 3D zoetrope.

One of the more interesting and practical features teased is the “portal brush.” Using this new brush, you’ll be able to scrape away at the wall between worlds, and peer back into the real world via the HTC Vive’s onboard cameras.

“There are times when having a window to peer outside of VR would come in very handy – like when you want to remember where you set your cup of coffee, or peek at what is going on outside your headset,” Skillman added.

It’s probably not recommended, however, that you have hot coffee on hand while fumbling around in VR, no matter how clearly you can see the outside world.

It’s clear that the Tilt Brush team has been hard at work, but there’s still no word on when exactly you can expect to join your friends in Tilt Brush’s signature featureless black landscape.

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