Tweet Wrap says you care, 140 characters at a time

tweetwrapThere’s no doubt that Twitter is pervasive, and it’s now about to make its mark on the holidays. A new holiday promotion brought to you by Samsung and Intel is introducing Tweet Wrap, gift wrapping decorated with – you guessed it – Tweets. The text will come from any username you want, or a keyword, or hashtag. Then the Twitter quotes are showcased against a background of festive gift wrap. If personalizing your gifts isn’t enough incentive, consider that it also comes with a chance to win a Samsung RF510. To enter, all you have to do is use Tweet Wrap for a gift, take a photo of said gift, and submit it. And it won’t cost you anything: you get one printed roll for free, and maybe even a new laptop.

This isn’t the first digital covering for your presents, however. Qrapping Paper uses the same concept, but replaces Tweets with QR codes that access YouTube videos. Sure, this gives you infinitely more customization options, but at $19.99 for two 20 by 30 sheets, you’re paying for it.

And if you want to go eco-friendly with wrapping paper this year, we think Little Kay Gardens Gift Wrap that Grows deserves an honorable mention. This gift wrap has seeds woven into it, so you can literally take that huge wad of discarded paper and stick it in the ground. It’ll get a second life when poppies or snapdragons sprout in the Spring.