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Twitter has sorted out those weird notifications it was sending

Twitter started churning out weird notifications of seemingly nonsensical letters and numbers to many of its users on Tuesday morning. The bizarre incident even prompted Twitter boss Jack Dorsey to get involved.
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Twitter’s new Data Saver feature does what it says on the tin

If you want more control over how Twitter sucks up data, then a new feature rolled out for the app on October 3 has your back. Called Data Saver, it prevents videos from auto-playing and loads lower-resolution images.
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Twitter squashes security bug leaking direct messages since 2017

The team at Twitter has discovered and corrected a security bug within one of their developer APIs that has been leaking sensitive information sent via direct messages to business accounts.
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A lot less clutter! Twitter relaunches purely chronological timeline

If you still miss the reverse-chronological timeline that Twitter ditched two years ago and you're fed up with all of the extra algorithmic tweets appearing in your feed, there's now a way to return it to how it used to be.

Watch live: Twitter and Facebook executives testify before Congress

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter appear before Congress today to address Russian meddling in US elections, and bias against conservatives. Lawmakers remain skeptical that technology companies can self-govern.
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Amazon is paying employees to tweet nice things about its warehouses

Amazon employees have taken to Twitter to say nice things about working in the company's fulfillment centers following a series of reports highlighting poor working conditions that some warehouse workers have been exposed to.
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Facebook, Twitter boot accounts tied to Iran, Russia for coordinated deception

Around a million users followed Facebook and Instagram accounts linked to coordinated groups that misrepresented themselves and had ties to Iran and Russia. The social networks said that the groups were removed for coordinated deception.
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Your Twitter name can change with the times, just like you do -- here's how

Despite what you may or may not have heard, Twitter names aren't actually set in stone. Check out our quick-hit guide on how to change your Twitter username and display name in less than five minutes.

Twitter’s new guideline seek to curb abusive comments on Periscope

Twitter is taking aim at serial harassers and trolls on its video service Periscope. Those who are frequently reported for abusive comments or trolling may soon find their account banned or suspended.
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As Twitter cleans up spam, monthly users drop, but daily engagement increases

Twitter is on an overdue war against abuse and spam -- but moving resources to clean up the platform has left the network with a dip in monthly user count. Daily engagement has increased, however.
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A safer Twitter may be around the corner thanks to API guidelines, restrictions

Third-party developers have historically been able to leverage the Twitter API in order to build apps and other software that work with the social media company. Now, guidelines are getting stricter.

Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook team up on new data transfer project

Some of the largest tech companies in the world have teamed up to make data portability a little easier. The initiative is called the Data Transfer Project, and the likes of Google, Twitter, Microsoft, and Facebook are all on board.

Watching the World Cup on your phone while at the theater isn’t a good idea

Actors on stage during a theater show in the U.K. this week couldn't believe their eyes when they saw two people in the front row gazing at their smartphones as they watched England's crucial penalty shootout in the World Cup.

Facebook and Twitter introduce new tools regarding ad transparency

Ever wanted to know who was advertising to you on Facebook or how much money a company was spending on Twitter ads? Well, now both companies are making it easy for users to obtain that information.
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Twitter’s Happening Now, Explore are about to get more personal

Twitter is working to make its experience more tailored to each user's interests. The personalized news will be coming to the Happening Now Section, as well as notifications and a tab inside Explore.

Xbox reportedly lays off its support staff, replaces them with volunteers

Microsoft has reportedly laid off several paid Xbox Support team members and replaced them with volunteers that the employees helped train. The Xbox Support Twitter account appears to have been affected by the change.
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ABC cancels ‘Roseanne’ revival series following Barr’s racist tweet

ABC has canceled its highly successful revival of the Roseanne series after star Roseanne Barr posted a racist message on Twitter targeting a former White House adviser to President Barack Obama.
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A.I. scans social media to predict when protests will turn violent

In a new study, researchers created an A.I. algorithm that scanned posts and correlated their content with impending violence. Such a tool could be used to better prepare for demonstrations that are prone to escalation.