Twitter bans Kaspersky Lab from advertising on its platform

Citing alleged ties to the Russian government, Twitter has banned Kaspersky Lab from advertising on its website, though its standard account is still active. Kaspersky has denied the claims.
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Bots, not humans, tweet majority of links to popular websites, research says

Bots account for two-thirds of tweets that link to popular websites, according to a Pew Research Center report, and have a tendency to share for adult content, sports, and news with particular vigor.
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9 things you need to know about the Russian social media election ads

Facebook, Twitter, and Google have testified before Congress on multiple occasions about Russian election ads, and formal charges have been filed. So what do social media users need to know about those ads? We break it down.
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Social Feed: Fake tweets, more Facebook Stories, and required hashtags

In this week's social feed news, find out how Twitter is managing (or not managing) hoaxes, why Snapchat is getting sued, why Giphy's back on Snapchat and Instagram, and which network may require hashtags.
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Who to follow on Twitter if you want to understand tech

Twitter is a great way to follow tech titans and influencers for their insights on the current happenings. Here is a breakdown of some of the underrated and more well-known tech-related accounts you should follow on Twitter.
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Social Feed: Self-destructing friend requests, skip to good parts in live video

In case you missed it in all the Facebook data drama, catch up with this week's Social Feed. Ignored Facebook friend requests may soon not stick around, while Twitter's latest tool fast-forwards to the best part of the live video.

Twitter joins Facebook and Google in banning cryptocurrency advertising

Twitter is joining Facebook and Google in banning cryptocurrency advertising, specifically disallowing ads for initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency wallets, and token sales.
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These white-hat Twitter bots collaborate to solve chemistry problems

Designed by the U.K.'s University of Glasgow, these chemistry-experiment-performing lab robots carry out research and then share the results with one another using a Twitter account.
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Will Twitter Moments get an image-focused, Snapchat-like makeover?

Anonymous sources report Twitter is considering creating a location-based section of images and video inside Twitter Moments, similar to Snapchat Discover. Twitter declined to comment, leaving the reports in rumor territory.
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Twitter test makes news the first thing users see in the timeline

Twitter wants to make sure you didn't miss that big news story, and is placing the news -- and a curated list of related tweets -- at the top of your feed. The Twitter test currently uses topics selected by staff but could switch to…
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No helmet needed: NASCAR expands Twitter deal for in-car live-streams

NASCAR and Twitter have inked a deal for more POV in-car live-steams for a bunch of races during the second half of the 2018 season. Coverage will also include race highlights so fans can keep up with all the action.

Twitter looks to score a goal with new deal for Major League Soccer games

U.S. fans of the domestic soccer scene can enjoy at least 24 MLS games live on Twitter this season, with lots of exclusive extras thrown in, too. The coverage started on Saturday and is part of a three-year deal.