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Hackers who hijacked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account claim another victim

The hacker group that took over Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's account has seemingly claimed another victim: the actress Chloe Grace Moretz
Chloe Grace Moretz

Hackers used scarily simple way to take over Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's account on the social media platform fell victim to an old hacking method called SIM swapping.
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Can social media predict mass shootings before they happen?

In the wake of two mass shootings over the weekend that left more than 30 people dead, President Donald Trump called on social media companies to “detect mass shooters before they strike.” Can they actually do that?

Twitter shares sneak peek at simpler, less cluttered design with new features

Twitter shared a sneak peek of an upcoming redesign of its website, showing a less cluttered design with a handful of new features. The update brings keyboard and emoji shortcuts, improved search, and a two-column layout.
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