Upgrade options for Windows 10 begin appearing for Windows 7 and 8.1 users

As originally spotted on Reddit, it appears that Microsoft is beginning to roll out notifications for Windows 10 on existing Windows computers. A series of Reddit users began saying they were receiving the upgrade option on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 on May 31, according to WinSuperSite.com.

The screenshots taken of the upgrade offer show three steps presented to the operator. Step One is to reserve the free upgrade so that it can be downloaded as soon as it becomes available. Step Two is “Install,” indicating that the user will receive a notification once Windows 10 has been completely downloaded onto the device. However, it’s also possible to pick a time to install Windows 10 — a convenience that Windows users have been waiting for.

The final step is to “Enjoy” Windows 10. In the fine print, Microsoft confirms that the Windows 10 upgrade is free and that it is not a trial – you’ll be getting the full update of the operating system when you opt in. Microsoft also notes that 3GB of space is required for the download, and Internet fees may apply.

Of course, Windows 10 has not yet been released. However, there has been plenty of speculation about how Microsoft will roll it out onto existing PCs when the time comes.

A patch known as KB3035583 came out in April for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, providing the first hints of an update. MYCE analysts discovered that the patch could be used to download Windows 10 when it debuts, and there was also coding that pointed to advertisements for the new operating system. One Reddit user who removed the patch noticed that these features disappeared when it was uninstalled. This somewhat confirmed that KB3035583 was designed as a key component to the Windows 10 update.

Microsoft announced on its blog on June 1 that it will be officially launching Windows 10 for PCs and tablets on July 29.

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