Vevo launches Windows 8 app ahead of Microsoft Build conference

Vevo Windows 8 app

Love rocking out to music videos while you do work on your Windows 8 computer? You can now skip YouTube and its annoying ads by downloading the new Vevo app optimized for the full-screen, Windows experience.

Like the Vevo app for Windows Phone 8, the desktop version is designed for navigating with your fingers but takes full advantage of the larger screens available to computers to display music videos in all their full-screen glory. In fact, the app supports Windows 8’s multi-screen Snap mode, which means you can really multitask by keeping this app running in one window, while you continue tapping out emails in another.

Vevo Windows 8 app_videos on demand

This free app gives you access to over 75,000 HD music videos as well as your favorite artists’ performances and information on your Windows machine. You can either watch music videos on-demand by searching for established artist like Rihanna, discover new tunes through the app, or let VevoTV’s loop of music videos introduce you to music you didn’t know you’d like. If you want to be able to build and edit your own playlist or want to “personalize the app” in some way, you’ll have to wait for the next release that is coming “very soon” after this initial launch, according to Vevo’s press release.

As one of the apps that will be showcased at Microsoft’s Build conference next week in San Francisco, which coincides with the public release of Windows 8.1 to consumers for testing, we expect this Vevo app to be compatible with both Windows 8 and 8.1. Unfortunately, we can’t tell from the limited screenshots available whether the app hints at new features or improvements to the platform. Since we’re just days away from Microsoft’s developers conference, we’ll just have to wait until June 26 to find out more about Windows 8.1. 

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