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The next knock on your hotel room door could be a virtual reality companion

vr bangers hotel room service vrbangers
Traveling alone, whether for work or pleasure, can be a little lonely at times. But if you’re looking for a little company on your next trip to Vegas, you can order virtual reality porn and have it delivered straight to your room alongside your room service. Just make sure to leave a tip.

The not-so-subtly named VR Bangers is behind the project, building on its rock solid VR porn background. The company already produces video content for Google Cardboard and similar headsets, and this new initiative really spices things up.

But VR Bangers doesn’t produce devices, and has instead teamed up Auravisor, a successfully crowdfunded headset. Instead of using a smartphone, the Auravisor has a 5-inch 1080p TFT display, and a 100 degree field of view. It has Android baked right in, with access to the Google Play store.


Unlike other VR experiences, donning the headset won’t transport you deep underwater or to prehistoric times, instead placing you in a perfect replica of your own hotel room. Once you’ve started, there will be a knock on the door, and the girl or guy you chose wanders in. Then, well, you know the rest.

The service is already rolling out as a trial in Las Vegas hotels, a fitting place to test the waters for any project involving pleasures of the (virtual) flesh. It’s surprisingly cheap for hotel room service too, at just $20 for the rental. It’s even simpler than plug and play, requiring nothing but a head (or two) and an open mind. Unfortunately for those eager to try it, the list of hotels trialing the hardware, and the date the trial will begin, hasn’t been announced.

Vegas is just foreplay, and VR Bangers is already accepting propositions from hotels that want to put the brand’s special flavor of entertainment all over their guests’ faces. It’s all about spreading the love, and VR Bangers takes that very seriously.

Let’s just hope they clean them after each use.

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