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Oculus Rift bundles reportedly shipping faster than solo headset

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After the initial wave of sticker shock in response to its $600 price tag, it soon became clear that there were plenty of consumers eager to order an Oculus Rift. That’s great for the company behind the hardware and developers creating VR content for the platform — but not so great if you’re looking to purchase your own headset.

This high demand, coupled with component shortages, has prompted shipping delays that are still in effect. Despite its official launch date being March 28, many consumers who pre-ordered the hardware as early as January 6 are yet to receive the headset.

Now, would-be early adopters have happened upon a method of gaming the system to receive hardware ahead of schedule. The strategy being put to use hinges on the hardware bundles that pair a headset with a robust rig capable of running VR experiences, according to a report from Road to VR.

These bundles have apparently been shipping much faster than the solo headset, with some reports of orders being sent out after just a couple of days. At present, it seems to be the best option for anyone who needs an Oculus Rift right now.

Of course, the drawback is that the headset is paired with a prebuilt computer, which raises its price significantly. Supposing that the buyer already owns a capable PC, that puts the burden on them to resell the system and make back their investment.

It remains to be seen how long the Rift shortages will continue, but the vigor of consumers looking to get the hardware in hand will certainly be reassuring for Oculus. VR will need mainstream interest to fulfil its potential, but working enthusiasts up into such a frenzy is certainly a good start.

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