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Lenovo’s new ThinkCentre Chromebox will have you hotswapping all day

ThinkCentre Tiny in One
Today at Lenovo’s Accelerate 2015 Partner Forum in Las Vegas, NV, Lenovo took to the stage to announce the upcoming release of its brand new Chrome OS desktop, the ThinkCentre Chromebox.

Though not the first Chrome desktop we’ve seen, the Chromebox will be one of the few base stations available today that give you the full Chrome OS experience on any screen size of your choosing. Chrome isn’t just chained to cheap laptops anymore, and the ThinkCentre is a great example of that shift for the operating system in a new and exciting direction.

The Chromebox is also the first of its kind to offer compatibility with Lenovo’s unique “Tiny-in-One” modular all-in-one concept.

“Lenovo was the first to introduce a one liter commercial desktop and ThinkCentre Chromebox is a testament to our commitment to the continued evolution of the desktop and our promise to push the boundaries on innovation for our education and business customers.” said Ouyang Jun, vice president and general manager, Desktop and Visuals, Lenovo.

The Tiny-in-One works by creating an all-in-one workstation with components that can be hotswapped out on the fly, meaning you won’t have to replace your monitor every time a new upgrade comes out with better specs than the previous version.

The system was designed with educators and businesses in mind, and plays to the strengths of the Chrome eco-system with seamless cloud sync for all your files and folders, security based off the industry standard Trusted Platform Module, and even a slot to fit a Kensington lock in case anyone tries to quickly pocket the micro-PC while you’re away from your desk.

The ThinkCentre Chromebox Tiny will come with four USB 3.0 slots, one HDMI, one DisplayPort 1.2, an integrated microphone/headphone combo jack, and an RJ45 port for hardline Ethernet.

You can get your hands on a ThinkCentre Chromebox beginning this June for $199, while the Tiny-in-One goes on sale today at $279.

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