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Thanks Obama! For recording this awesome VR tour of the White House

white house vr tour
Felix & Paul Studios
It already feels like a very long time ago that Barack Obama was calling the shots in Washington, though it’s actually been barely three months since The Donald took over.

Nostalgic types, or those simply interested in learning more about the history and work of the White House, can now sling on an Oculus Rift or Gear VR headset for a 360-degree, stereoscopic 3D tour of the president’s official home given by its most recent former resident.

Shot toward the end of last year before Obama left office, The People’s House takes you on an immersive tour of 19 White House rooms. Made by Emmy Award-winning Felix & Paul Studios in partnership with Facebook and Oculus, the sequence includes personal appearances by not only Barack Obama, but by Michelle Obama, too.

A shorter version of the documentary was released back in January, while the full 22-minute version of the video became available this week.

Felix Lajeunesse said the goal of the movie was to document the “incredible space and the history that [the White House] encapsulates, in a very specific moment in time, and preserve it for future generations.” He added how pleased he was that the Obamas had been willing to “layer in their personal memories in addition to historic references to contextualize the rooms that are indelibly imprinted on so many minds across the world.”

Once your headset’s fired up, you’ll be able to dig into the extensive and personal history of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and view rarely seen parts of the 216-year-old building. “From the Lincoln Bedroom and other never-before-experienced spaces within the private First Residence (including the Treaty Room, referred to by Obama as his “man cave”) to sitting with President Obama in the Oval Office, to exploring the Rose Garden and the Situation Room,” The People’s House offers many personal memories and insights from the 44th U.S. president and his wife.

If you enjoy The People’s House, you might also want to check out Felix & Paul Studios’ Through the Ages, also featuring Barack Obama, which celebrates the National Parks Service Centennial at Yosemite.

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