Windows 10 build 10565 reaches Slow Ring after standalone ISO release

Update 10-18-2015: The original content of this article asserted that Windows 10 Build 10565 was released to Slow Ring users prior to its Fast Ring distribution. This information was falsely reported, and I, Gabe Carey, take full responsibility for the error.

As you may have already noticed if you check Microsoft’s site periodically, the company made Windows 10 Build 10565 available as an ISO yesterday after it was distributed to Fast Ring subscribers earlier this week. That was great news if you wanted a clean install of the latest Windows 10 build or if you’re an Insider enlisted in the Fast Ring, but now Slow Ring users can get the same experience.

This is unusual since, typically, new Windows 10 builds hit both Fast and Slow Ring Insider Preview members before getting the standalone ISO treatment.

Nonetheless, this build stems from the Threshold 2 branch of development, with each new build bringing us a step closer to the much speculated Service Pack 1, or at the very least its Windows 10 equivalent.

Richard Hay from Windows SuperSite claims to have tested this build earlier this week on his HP Spectre x360, reporting that it is “very stable.”

If you’re still operating on the previous Slow Ring Windows 10 Insider Preview build, kudos to you for being patient; I know I quickly checked off on that Fast Ring box as soon as I had the chance. Furthermore, you’ll notice a significant difference in performance, among other changes considering this is the first Slow Ring build to hit since 10240 — Windows 10’s release build.

Changes included in this build are more flexibility to the Start menu, the ability to set reminders in Cortana, and enhancements to the taskbar as well as the overall UI color scheme. Additionally, according to Windows Central, you’ll even be able to activate Windows 10 using a product key from either Windows 7, 8, or 8.1.

If you haven’t already, you can get started with Windows 10 Insider Preview builds from the official signup page.