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Microsoft Developer Evangelist claims Windows 10 will be the last version of the OS

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It’s no secret that Microsoft is going all out with Windows 10 — the very fact that it’s expected to be offered up for free for the first year demonstrates just how focused the company is on getting the new version of the operating system installed on as many devices as possible. Now, we might know a little bit more about the reasoning behind this strategy.

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Speaking at the Ignite conference this week, Microsoft Developer Evangelist Jerry Nixon made the claim that Windows 10 will be ‘the last version of Windows’, according to a report from Softpedia. It seems that the schedule we see Windows iterated upon is set to change rather drastically.

Rather than new versions every few years, it’s thought that Microsoft will deliver sizeable updates on a more regular basis. It doesn’t sound too far removed from the strategy and schedule that the company employs with its Xbox gaming consoles.

It’s perhaps even closer to the tack that Apple adopted from OS X onwards. The tenth version of that operating system provided a foundation that would then be built upon incrementally — although those launched at a slower pace than it’s assumed Microsoft’s efforts will be.

All in all, it seems like a forward-thinking way of refining the Windows experience. While distinct versions may have been the ideal solution back in the days where you would purchase the latest iteration of Windows on a disk from a brick-and-mortar store, it makes less sense when the majority of the products running the software have a constant Internet connection.

Windows is certainly changing, and at this point it seems like it’s for the better. Microsoft seems eager to re-establish itself as a leading force in the industry, and if Windows 10 can make good on its potential, the company won’t be far from doing just that.

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