Windows 7 Virtural Keyboard Makes Screen Smudges Worthwhile


The majority of Windows 7 users ignored its multitouch supported version because there really wasn’t much use for it. If its main purpose was to provide fingerprint evidence of your day’s greasy lunch and neglect of habitual hand washing, then the multitouch support is perfect for your PC. But in this industry a smudgy screen is a tech-lover taboo. Today, all that has changed— now we have a darn good reason to smudge up that screen and make a mess of our monitor. Hot Virtual Keyboard released its 5.0 version of its on-screen keyboard, making virtual typing a whole lot easier. The Hot Virtual Keyboard features programmable buttons for performing routine operations such as copying and pasting text, support of multiple languages and keyboard layouts, word auto-complete, and keys to launch applications, open Web pages or run macros in a single tap of a screen.


The new virtual keyboard version also offers a variety of styles, including thumb-friendly UMPC models and even an “ergonomic” one with comically oversized spacebars for all of those carpal-tunnel martyrs out there. The new keyboard cost an entry fee of $29.95, but if you’re in the market for a tablet, or just looking to make use of your Windows 7 multitouch support, the $30 seem pretty worthwhile.