3D-printed robot called Jimmy on its way from Intel, can tweet and pour beers

3d printed robot called jimmy on its way from intel

If you have an interest in DIY and robots then you may like to know that Intel is planning to launch a “social robot” called Jimmy that you can put together yourself.

Researchers at Intel Future Showcase 2014 in New York City said Tuesday that the chip maker and its partners are planning to release a DIY kit with parts such as servo motors, batteries and other internal components, while the exoskeleton can be 3D-printed to create unique designs – so just like in the real world, no two Jimmys will look the same.

The kit will cost $1,500 and should be out in September, Intel said, with the reasonable price tag made possible thanks to the use of the company’s low-cost Edison board.

The Jimmy shown off on various TV shows recently sports a cute design that’s likely to remind you of Honda’s Asimo or SoftBank’s recently unveiled Pepper robot.

Standing at 45 centimeters, Jimmy sports two cameras to help him identify nearby objects and can apparently walk, talk, dance, and even tweet. He can also translate languages and, perhaps most importantly of all, pour a cold beer (or any drink, presumably).

Speaking this week to Bloomberg about the innovative android, Intel’s Brian David Johnson said the basic hardware for Jimmy is all set, leaving the development team to focus on getting the software right, with an app store planned for later in the year.

Intel intends to give away the design files for Jimmy, giving people flexibility in how they design their android and allowing them to “make the robot personal” using the downloaded apps.

Highlighting the ease with which people will be able to build the bot, Johnson said, “You don’t need to understand artificial intelligence, you don’t need to have a PhD, all you need to do is download apps.” And have access to a 3D printer, too.

Having been slow to jump on the mobile bandwagon, Intel seems intent on getting stuck in with other emerging tech such as wearables and robotics.

Its robot kit will go on sale at 21stCenturyRobot when it becomes available in the fall.

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