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The new Create+ 3D pen from 3Doodler helps your words jump off the page

Your words will quite literally jump off a page when you’re equipped with the right pen. And the writing utensil in question is the newest 3D printing pen from 3Doodler. It’s called the Create+, and it’s now available to order starting at $79.

3Doodler has long been in the business of creating pens that extrude not ink, but a special kind of plastic that allows you to take your creativity into 3D spaces. But with the Create+, you’re getting a major upgrade when compared to previous 3D printing pens. It’s all thanks to the new dual drive system, which purports to up the ante on the power, durability, and reliability of the device.

The Create+ is the first 3D pen ever to leverage this innovative dual drive technology, which apparently leads to fewer jams (which is even worse than running out of ink). And thus far, it looks like testers of the device have found that the company’s claims are true — the pen is effectively jam-free.

Furthermore, the dual drive system can support a range of different materials, including a new filament called Flexy (previously, 3Doodler pens supported only PLA and ABS plastics). Flexy can be used to create — as the name suggests — more flexible objects, such as a smartphone case.

The pen now has a more sophisticated heating algorithm, auto retraction features to keep the pen from oozing, and more carefully calibrated fast and slow settings depending on what you’d like to draw in 3D. The Create+ doesn’t require any setup to  get started — once you unpackage the pen, you’re ready to get to making.

“It’s time to start holding 3D printers and 3D printing products to a higher standard,” said 3Doodler co-founder Maxwell Bogue regarding the newest product. “Faulty early-generation products are no longer acceptable to the community, or end users.”

The Create+ comes with a number of  templates that you can use to get started almost instantaneously, and also provides users with more filament than any other 3D pen currently on the market. The pen is available now beginning at $79 via an Essential set that comes with three plastic packs.

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