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8UP is a water tracking bottle that is both practical and low-tech

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Whether you want to call it “life hacking” or something else, people are always looking for ways to simplify their lives. And while technology is often presented as the answer, one company feels that things have gotten too complicated for a basic function that should be kept simple and easy. The Chicago-based firm is called 8UP, and it has taken on the task of tracking water consumption in a non-tech way via a Kickstarter campaign.

8UP’s product, also named 8UP, is based on a simple philosophy: rebel against technology. The firm encourages us to stop being “hydration robots” who are scheduled to drink at certain times of the day. The company claims that tracking water consumption shouldn’t require the integration of apps and electronics, which only serves to complicate the task.

“No tech. No fuss.”

The product is a bottle featuring a simple design — in fact it only has three lines on it. The 8UP bottle does away with ounces and milliliters of water entirely, and instead simply counts glasses of water consumed. With a simple twist of the base, users can visually confirm how much they have consumed each day, throughout the day. The company states that hydration habits are better served by single digit goals that are more natural than forced solutions.

The bottle is composed of a clear 100% BPA-free plastic called Eastman Tritan that is shock-resistant.

The campaign is in its final two weeks, and the company is more than halfway to its 20,000 goal. The product is scheduled to ship in June with several colors available. Those of us who prefer such non-tech solutions as notepads, business cards, phone calls, and handshakes should note that 8UP intends on doing the same for tracking water consumption.

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