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John Casaretto

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John is the founder of the security company BlackCert, a provider of SSL digital certificates and encryption products. A veteran of the technology industry, he is also the featured and exclusive writer for a number of technology companies. He enjoys writing at Digital Trends and sharing his knowledge of security threats in the increasingly digital age we live in.

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Forget wires, magnet-charge your iPhone with Stacked

Stacked uses magnets to connect its iPhone case to a set of external battery packs, which charge the phone wirelessly. The system charges as quickly as a normal charging cable plugged into the wall. Stacked is now up for preorder.

World record! 14-year-old solves Rubik’s Cube record in under 5 seconds

Lucas Etter set a time of 4.90 seconds, which crushed the previous world record time of 5.25. That kind of time jump in the record is rare in the history of cube-solving.
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Hyatt is serving customers through Facebook Messenger

Using the Facebook Messenger app, users will be able to easily reach Hyatt. They can also make reservations and engage in live conversations with the company's chat support team.

Work Chat app comes to Facebook at Work

Unlike competing chat apps for business, Facebook can count on the appeal of presenting a platform that people already know. This may be a great leverage point toward gaining a willing audience.

Samsung's new camera tech means better low-light photos, and a smaller lens hump on its phones

Samsung has announced a new type of camera technology called Britecell. Coming to mobile devices next year, the smaller modules may mean a reduction in the hump that has surrounded Samsung's camera lenses on previous phones.

Google can bypass security on all Android systems that don't use full-disk encryption

At least 74 percent of Android devices can be remotely reset by Google if law enforcement requests it. Newer Android phones running 5.0 and up may have encryption set by default, which protects your device from resets.