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John Casaretto

John Casaretto

Former Digital Trends Contributor

John is the founder of the security company BlackCert, a provider of SSL digital certificates and encryption products. A veteran of the technology industry, he is also the featured and exclusive writer for a number of technology companies. He enjoys writing at Digital Trends and sharing his knowledge of security threats in the increasingly digital age we live in.

stacked wireless charging iphone

Forget wires, magnet-charge your iPhone with Stacked

Stacked uses magnets to connect its iPhone case to a set of external battery packs, which charge the phone wirelessly. Stacked is now up for preorder.
watch this incredible video of the rubiks cube world record being beaten mem 5

World record! 14-year-old solves Rubik’s Cube record in under 5 seconds

woman serves divorce papers on facebook messenger

Hyatt is serving customers through Facebook Messenger

Using the Facebook Messenger app, users will be able to easily reach Hyatt. They can also make reservations and chat with support personnel. 
facebook 2016 election app image

Work Chat app comes to Facebook at Work

Facebook can count on the appeal of presenting a platform that people already know. This may be a great leverage point toward gaining a willing audience. 
Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung's new camera tech means better low-light photos, and a smaller lens hump on its phones

Android Phone

Google can bypass security on all Android systems that don't use full-disk encryption

At least 74 percent of Android devices can be remotely reset by Google if law enforcement requests it. Android phones running 5.0 and up have encryption.
Vaporcade Jupiter smartphone

Smoke this phone — the Vaporcade Jupiter

Vaporcade says it has worked tirelessly to integrate texting, talking, and vaping into “one spectacular, innovative technology" with limitless applications.
8up water dvis xkbpjg8ri4hpjkhhshz jcbotzfay3znqghkgw

8UP is a water tracking bottle that is both practical and low-tech

With a simple twist of its base, the 8UP water bottle allows users to visually confirm how much water they have consumed each day, throughout the day.
floyd bed kickstarter dsc08841

Move a lot? The Floyd Bed is way easier to maneuver than box spring

The Floyd Bed is a Kickstarter project, and there is good reason to suspect that it can change how people think about bed frames.
Audi Virtual Reality Experience

Is cyber-sickness a 21st century plague?

A deluge of digital stimulation is behind the rise in reports of cybersickness. Biological synchronization through the senses is to blame as visual stimuli and
instamom child models let the music play by alexproject

Instamoms are a social media phenomenon of child fame, vanity, and money

Instamoms are a phenomenon of social media. The self-grown world of social fame on behalf of children has elements of vanity, money, endorsements, and more.
the fastest jet in world boeing kc 135q refueling sr 71 jpeg

The deets on the SR-71 and its father A-12 are shared by the CIA

The CIA's A-12 was able to produce higher-resolution photography, but the SR-71 became the successor because it was designed with side-looking radar and cameras. This ability meant the SR-71 could achieve its reconnaissance missions without penetrating the airspace over enemy territory.
ross perot invest texas 431674794 58c92c021e b

Billionaire Ross Perot Jr. on his hack safe plan: invest in Texas

Fearing a catastrophic elimination of financial systems at the hands of hackers, billionaire Ross Perot Jr., has heavily invested in land in Texas and across the nation.
bel air mansion 500 million world record web

Behind the $500 million Bel Air mansion: swimming pools, casino, nightclub, and more

If you build it, they will come. Nile Niami seeks a billionaire for the $500 million mansion property he is building in Bel Air, CA. With a casino, five swimming pools,
huawei superphone 6389000227 2544a6a83a b

Coming in 2020: Huawei says a superphone will save the day

Huawei predicts a superphone by 2020, the culmination of digital intelligence, far beyond any smartphone we have today.
internet of things nsa smarthome

In 2016, a better Bluetooth steps up to the IoT challenge

IoT is getting a big shot in the arm as Bluetooth SIG has announced new features and updates to the Bluetooth standard. Faster speeds, longer range and mesh networking are in store.
samsung entry level fitness tracker gear fit feature

Samsung Triathlon is a forthcoming budget-friendly fitness-tracking device

Samsung is expected to introduce a new activity tracker designed for the entry-level segment of the market
Tim Cook is right about privacy and encryption- We shouldn’t give them up for Google

Tim Cook says money will be forgotten by history, thanks to Apple Pay

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that cash will be forgotten in future generations thanks to Apple Pay and other forms of convenient digital transactions.
stealth cosmos 3d dark matter map

Chinese scientists develop tunable stealth material that can hide ships from radar

Scientists in China have produced an ultra-thin material that can be applied to a variety of craft. It can be tuned counteract a range of detection methods.
levit8 e8fff1ad160acff3f99cc12db837030c original

Origami meets standing desks with LEVIT8 on KickStarter

LEVIT8 is a portable folding work platform that unfolds to make a standard work surface into one you can stand at. It folds down to the size of a magazine and fits anywhere.
bill nye bow ties 2

Be Like Nye, geek icon, releases signature bow ties

Bill Nye, "the Science Guy" loves bow ties. If you admire his eclectic style, you're in luck, because he has released a selection for purchase.
south carolina woman jailed for failing to return j lo movie rented in 2005 jail

70 million prison phone calls hacked, legal rights possibly violated

The hacked records of more than 70 million calls made from US prisons have been released, including call recordings that may violate attorney-client privilege.
kentucky hospital subjected to ransomware hacker keyboard

U.S. charges three men for cyberfraud ring that targeted JPMorgan, Dow Jones, and others

JP Morgan Chase, Dow Jones, were among total of 12 major financial institutions named as victims in an indictment of 3 men behind a cybercrime organization.
operation bugdrop used pc microphones to steal data in ukraine hackers

Ransomware, malware operations shut down, but not going away

Cisco researchers were behind the shutdown of a profitable ransomware operation that netted an estimated $34 million per year.
u s scientists create artificial foam heart as squishy the real thing

Hackable hearts: A real threat, and a wake-up call

We can thank security researchers for uncovering how hackable implanted cardiac devices are.
apple homekit bug siri idevices switch

Hackers can control Google Now and Siri through your headphones

A new radio-based hack on headphone wires tricks digital assistants like Siri and Google now, giving a hacker control over your smartphone.
drone papers whistleblower strike report feat

Up to 90 pct of U.S. drone strikes hit the wrong target, major leak reveals

A whistleblower has exposed secrets about the US drone program in extreme detail, offering a peek at the true cost and ramifications.
atm malware thieves

Thieves can steal cash by texting an ATM with latest malware

ATM malware infections are on the rise, and evolving quickly into tangible threats. A recent report describes an infection where thieves get cash on demand.
zerodium ios9 bug bounty olympus digital camera

iOS9 is the target of the biggest bug bounty ever: $1 million

$1 million dollars is on the line in the latest bug bounty, which targets Apple's iOS9. Zerodium is the information security research company behind it all.
FBI Cybercrime

The FBI issues warnings about an email scam that’s stolen more than $1.2 billion

FBI warns on phish scam that cost one company more than $40 million. Malware the latest victim of malvertising plague

Malvertising is a plague that is spreading throughout the web. is the latest example of this trend of using advertising to spread malware.
opm breach fingerprints shutterstock 208573624

OPM admits that 5.6 million fingerprints were stolen in massive breach

snowden aliens encryption 1024px very large array 2012

Snowden re-emerges from Russian isolation with alien encryption theories

Edward Snowden emerges from Russian isolation with alien encryption theories.