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Move a lot? The Floyd Bed is way easier to maneuver than box spring

City living has many advantages. Transportation is easy, finding places to eat is a snap, and there are things to do pretty much any night of the week. One thing that is a problem for many, however, is fitting your life into smaller living spaces. One of the biggest items of furniture to move in any household is the average bed. Box-springs, frames, and headboards are unwieldy, and sometimes they’re impossible to fit through doorframes. Enter the Floyd Bed Frame. This Kickstarter project has 29 days left on the clock, and there is good reason to suspect that it can change how people think about bed frames.

Made for city living, the construction of this frame is modular, and one person can build it all alone without any tools. The kit is composed of three parts. Its three wooden panels are made out of strong and light honeycomb material that is used by NASA, with a birch veneer. The strong steel supports slide onto the panels easily. Finally, straps keep tension on everything and hold the frame together. Free shipping puts the product right on your doorstep and the frame can be up just minutes later. When you’re ready to move, the pieces easily come apart.

The project comes two years after the team behind this project launched another successful product on Kickstarter. The Floyd Leg, which lets you turn any flat surface into a table, was a huge hit, and it is now shipping to more than 40 countries.

Designed in the cities of Detroit and Akron, Floyd wants keep the product affordable, the production of these frames scalable, and to introduce something that hasn’t been seen before. Not only does the product come in a variety of sizes, it is also true to an open framework, so you can source your own bed frame configuration.

A full kit won’t come cheap, though. If you want a kit without the panels, it costs $265. To get everything you need for a queen-size frame, you’ll have to pledge $495.

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