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Samsung Triathlon is a forthcoming budget-friendly fitness-tracking device

samsung entry level fitness tracker gear fit feature
The wearable devices scene has been filled with plenty of variety and interesting lineups from major companies. Samsung is no stranger to this scene, having recently released a major product in this genre, the Gear S2 and enjoying success with the popular Gear Fit. Word has now come out that indicates the company is producing an entry-level activity tracker, which aims to bring this product to a much wider audience than they had before.

The product on the way is known as the “Triathlon” and runs the product number SM-R150. All indications are that the product is shaping up to be a fitness-tracking device with a budget in mind. This is a hot section of the market and Samsung is banking on putting as many features in a low-buck band as possible for a successful entry-level winner.

Any time you preview a product that is designed to come in at an entry-level price, what features will be included versus what will be left out is always a curiosity. A standout feature that is not likely to make the final model is a heart rate monitor.

Rumors indicate that Samsung has also been busy producing a new bio-processor for wearable devices. The processor will provide a number of features including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPU, and other components. The timing of this new activity tracker along with the potential arrival of this processor could mean that the device will have compelling features.

Samsung’s presence in the market is sizable and has been about since the beginning. One weak spot in their lineup has been an affordable entry-level product. Over the last couple of years, the company has released a number of wearable devices and a budget-friendly device would round out their offerings for a receptive audience.

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