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Aerielle Unveils New Wireless Audio System

Aerielle, a company which has gotten some press for the quality sound produced by their short range FM wireless broadcasting technology, today announced they were bundling their popular AudioBUG AB-250 mini wireless FM transmitter with their new FM-4100 wireless headphones. The bundle, to be called the ABWAS-150 RF Wireless Audio System, will be available July 10 (pre-orders being taken now) for $89.95.

The wireless headphones have a FM receiver optimized with what Aerielle calls “an ultra sensitive antenna design” to deliver high quality sound. The FM transmitter, meanwhile, uses Aerielle’s better than average FM transmission technology to send stereo audio signals from virtually any audio device which has a headphone jack to the headphones. Aerielle says the maximum distance on this transmission is 15 feet over one of four FM frequencies.

Aerielle’s CEO, Art Cohen, said, “We are excited about the launch of our AudioBUG Wireless Audio System. It is the ultimate portable audio product where users can enjoy their music anytime, anyplace. This product gives them truly what they want — high quality, wireless audio for their own personal, private enjoyment.”

For more information on the AudioBUG Wireless Audio System, check out the specs on Aerielle’s product page.

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