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‘Alexa, what’s in the news?’ Your Echo will now read you Digital Trends headlines

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Starting today, anyone with an Alexa-enabled device can get the latest and greatest headline from Digital Trends directly through Alexa. With the simple command, “Alexa, what’s in the news?” Alexa will list off the latest headlines from your favorite publications, including the biggest stories on Digital Trends. In addition, a card will appear in your Alexa app that includes links for further reading.

In order to add Digital Trends to your Flash Briefing, visit the Skills Store on the Alexa app, and enable the Digital Trends Skill. There are feeds available from numerous other news and media sources, too, such as NPR and BBC News. To manage your Flash Briefings, just open the Alexa app, navigate to Settings, then select Flash Briefing. From there, you can manage and reorder the content in your flash briefing.

You can use the feature on Alexa-enabled devices, such as the Amazon Echo, Tap, Dot, and FireTV, as well third-party devices like CoWatch, Pebble, Nucleus, Triby, and more.

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Wake-up Lighting
One new feature is called Wake-up Lighting. This feature basically makes your smart lights mimic the sun rising in your home, but on your schedule. For example, you can make it so your bedside lamp turns on and gradually gets brighter when it's time to wake up. To set up Wake-up Lighting say something like, “Alexa, set an alarm for (time) with my bedside lamp.” If you want your light to do this every day, you'll need to set up a recurring alarm by saying something like, “Alexa, set up an alarm for every morning at (time) with my bedside lamp.” If you have a lighting group set up you can say, “Alexa, wake me up at (time) with lights.”

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