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Apple inks deal for second ‘spaceship’ campus in Silicon Valley

Not content with one ‘spaceship’ campus, Apple has just inked a deal for a second futuristic office complex just a few miles down the road from its current base in Cupertino.

Located in Sunnyvale and designed by global architecture firm HOK, the curvaceous 777,000-square-foot construction comprises three six-story buildings for around 3,000 workers. There’s plenty of greenery, too, with rooftop gardens and plenty of trees scattered throughout the grounds.

According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Apple has done a deal with developer Landbank Investments to lease, not purchase, the campus, which is expected “to look like nothing else ever attempted in Silicon Valley.”

Indeed, the name of the website showcasing the design tells us all we need to know:

Talking up the plans, its designers describe the campus as “a workplace designed to foster ingenuity….where creativity, big ideas, and breakthroughs can flourish.”

The land, which currently holds nine buildings constructed some 40 years ago, is about five miles north of Apple’s so-called “spaceship” campus that’s expected to be completed some time next year. It’s not clear when work might start on this latest project.

Apple’s striking spaceship campus (the original one) features a solar-paneled roof and includes four floors of office space, an R&D facility, fitness centers, dining facilities, a 1,000-seat underground auditorium, and landscaped grounds with jogging paths.

Cutting-edge design for new workspaces is now par for the course when it comes to tech’s big hitters. Facebook, for example, recently moved into a swish new HQ in Menlo Park, while the likes of Google, Amazon, and Uber have also shown off plans for fancy new offices.

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